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Esther Moore exploring studying nature in Cornwall


Through her practice, British silversmith and jeweller Esther Moore seeks to highlight, preserve, and reconnect others with the beauty of nature. It is thought that by doing so in the form of personal adornment and sculpture, it will heighten awareness of environmental issues.

Esther graduated from Truro College with a silversmithing and jewellery BA (Hons) degree in 2022, where she developed the technical skill to combine both her fascination for the natural world with traditional silversmithing techniques. From a very young age Esther was keen to explore, observe and document the distinct array of Cornish flora and fauna surrounding her, predominantly through painting. Now, Esther encapsulates the natural world in precious metals through meticulous hand engineering techniques.     

Esther Moore image


"My discipline heavily relies upon the natural world around me, the ever-changing seasons provide a magnitude of inspiration, from fluctuating colour palettes to the phenomenal diversity of plant and invertebrate species. By capturing these specimens in fine precious metals, it allows them to be viewed closely, held, or worn, facilitating an intrinsic connection to the natural world irrespective of one’s surroundings.  

With an awareness of looking to nature for sustainable design solutions, I delicately manipulate metal into soft, smooth, tactile forms to produce hollow structures, thus minimising the amount of unnecessary metal while enhancing visual simplicity. To emphasize the extraordinary markings of these creatures, I have specialised in the ancient Korean technique of Keum boo. It enables me to fuse individual pieces of 24K gold to the surface of the silver, creating a vivid contrast between the two metals.

I combine specific insects with vibrant enamel foliage to form collections, these mimicking habitats within the natural world. The compilations are a way to express the interdependent relationships between plant and insect and how vital each is to our ecosystem."

Insect sketch, Dor beetle sketch

Esther's Sketchbook

British bees sketch honeybee bumblebee drawing
beetle sketch great diving beetle sketch violet ground beetle sketch
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